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High quality block paving sealants naturally will minimise maintainence by creating a waterproof, sealed surface to the paver.

But as with all external products in the UK, some annual maintainence is required to keep the paving in its best possible condition.

An annual treatment with fungicidal wash, a hose down with water and sweep up with a broom will prevent the build up of moss in the joints, weeds and algae.

Although the benefits of the sealant will remain for many years, nothing lasts forever. Smartseal block paving sealants can be re-applied at any time and we would generally recommend a top up coat of block paving sealant approx every 3-5 years. Areas that are shady, damp or highly trafficed areas can be re- treated more reguarly.

The block paving should always be clean, dry, with the joints topped up with kiln dry sand and free of grease or oil before any application of sealant is considered.

If you require further information or have any questions regarding the maintainence of block paving after sealent has been applied contact us or call 01268 722500